Alabama vs. Clemson, 2017 College Football Playoff Championship live online free

By | January 9, 2017

alabama vs. clemson

Alabama vs. Clemson, 2017 College Football Playoff Championship: Time, TV schedule, live stream and 3 things to know


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1. Clemson college athletics in the last 18 months, pushing the boundaries of creativity in the online financial leaders to engage with fans and money. This fall, more than the 2016 season, his technique and leverage Facebook’s 360-degree video retooled.

2. 400% increase in 2016, 480,000 Twitter followers 92,000 @ClemsonFB. The fourth college football team Twitter account.

3. Facebook from August 1, reaching nearly 80 million.

4. When was posted on Instagram account Deshaun Watson graduated in Clemson football “like” went across.

5. Students Tigers, Paul Trimmier, Instagram, and representatives of 11 title game in January, and college football program this season, officials Instagram account with students to create content for playback are chosen to participate in the attack.
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6. three employees and now Nik Conklin- CLEMSON University Center of Excellence in a dual role, Jonathan gantt Jeff Kallin effort and creativity in the service of the next generation of social computing, are recognized in the past two years. Threesome stories and best practices with the strategic insight, and staff, faculty and students to take part in digital marketing.


1. Alabama football program wearable technology company that works with the cast.
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2. Alabama athletic director Bill SportTechie a recent Q & A-, technology upgrades iBeacon, augmented reality fighting for seats, and from the site.

3. Ohio State, Alabama, as well as on Facebook and Twitter before the discussion kicked off college football playoff.

4. University of Alabama athletic games and most recently, the first technology research center to open. Center, the recovery of injured players improve athletic performance and reduce injuries more quickly will help student athletes.

Play finally COO Michael SportTechie, new technologies fan experience, live streaming college football games this month, and discuss the various issues, and an advanced virtual reality game, a question fielded.